Friend heads up – I’m going live soon

Dear Friend,

We’re only minutes away from re-connecting and from you gaining a fresh perspective to overcome some of the challenges you are likely to be facing right now.

This Facebook Live session seems to be the best way that we can connect in a fast and easy format, yet you can still get valuable insights.

You deserve a few minutes to gain a fresh perspective that could add massive power to the rest of your day and your week.

Starting in the next 30 minutes at 7pm UK time.

Don’t miss it, click below to join!

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We’ll see you soon!



LCS Data Management 7100 Regency Square Suite 230-6 Houston, Texas 77036 United States 1 (713) 909-3171


Friend let me explain… Live

Join me for an incredible live event

Video explanation from me
Hi Friend

Thank you, thank you.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who are asking “what happened?”, “where have you been?” and “what or who’s behind the sudden re-emergence?”

Rather than send a form email out, I’d rather have a more meaningful connection.

To do this, I’m going to do my first Facebook Live broadcast at 7 pm on Wednesday 6th September.

It would be great to see you there. This is NOT a ‘business talk’, it’s a ‘life’ talk for everyone I know.

I will also share some of the insight and feedback from the network of people who have overcome some SERIOUS challenges over the past two years. It’s just 30 minutes and I hope to make it a time of sharing, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

So, tune in Wednesday 6th September, 7:00 pm GMT HERE


Marcellus Lindsay
"The i2i Coach"

LCS Data Management 7100 Regency Square Suite 230-6 Houston, Texas 77036 United States 1 (713) 909-3171

Hi Friend

Marcellus Lindsay Simple1
Friend, hi there!

How are you? I hope you’re having a great Summer.

It’s been over two years

I apologise for not being in touch for so long. You are receiving this email because you were on my list of valued contacts.

This is because we’ve met, corresponded or done business together at some point before I let things slip.

To be honest, I’ve been ‘in the cave’ and in ‘stealth mode’ while I invested my time in learning, earning and traveling.

Housekeeping: The procrastination is over.

In the midst of that I set the intent to reach out, but every time I looked at my contact list, it felt so overwhelming. I knew that I would have to face the task of cleaning up my list. An old fashioned ‘hello’ email is the best way to reach out you and the other people and organisations that made my recent successes possible.

Here’s what I have for you.

I’m fired up and getting my house in order. I’m creating the systems and content to share valuable insights, resources and lessons that I’ve been gathering over the past two years.

The intent of this email is two fold.

  1. Re-connect with you and verify that you’re still around
  2. Let you know that I’m back.

Your choice

Stay Connected
Click the "Stay Connected" and you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from the low/no cost resources that I’m planning to share. The resources are specifically there to help you overcome or avoid the pains or problems that life and business often throw at you.

Or you can disconnect from the community and remove your access to the resources and the network by clicking the button below.

The next, best chapter of your story begins…… now!
Marcellus Lindsay
"The i2i Coach"

LCS Data Management 7100 Regency Square Suite 230-6 Houston, Texas 77036 United States 1 (713) 909-3171

Email Clean Up for 2015

Your spam filter may be damaging your relationships! Take a moment to start a Spring clean of your inbox.
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Marcellus Lindsay i2i Coach

Connections for Clarity in 2015

I’m freshening up my connections in 2015. You can too.

Email can be a powerful way to get information that will help you make more money, experience more joy and avoid stress. If you fail to control your content then email can be a nuisance.

Start to take control back right now with one click.

I’m taking this opportunity to ensure that I stay connected with the progressive leaders and entrepreneurs that intentionally experience more success.

Looking Ahead

I’ve spent the last six months developing some powerful content and tools to help entrepreneurs and business leaders get MORE clarity, confidence and cash for themselves personally and professionally. There will be free content that is exclusive to people on my email list.

To stay connected and only receive information on topics that interest you, please be sure to click the link below for a happy, healthy and less cluttered mind (and inbox) in 2015

Kindest regards

Marcellus Lindsay

“The Business Re-Alignment Specialist”

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